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I just picked up ($69 after rebate) one of these the other day.


And I was wondering who else has one.. What you might think of it, advice for other software, etc... etc..

For those that do not know what it is;


In a nutshell: Access digital music, videos or pictures (or Internet radio stations**) from your TV set, over your home network.

In the short amount of time I have had to play with it, its pretty damn kewl for the price! In simple terms its a device that boots a Linux kernel remotely using tftp that is designed to give you an interface to your media files.. It allows you to play your music (mp3, net raido, etc..) on your home sound system, or watch your video on your big screen, display your digital pics on your TV, etc.. etc..

If you boot some other software (GB-pvr for example), you can check the weather in your area on your TV, view RSS feeds, play solitaire, check your stock prices, etc.. all from the comfort of your favorite recreational lounging device ;)

I really have not had a lot of time to play with it yet, but I have verified that it does work ;) And listened to some music, watched some vids, etc..

Have found a few good sites for info on it - and was wondering what the neowin users have found/thought of it. Here are couple of sites I have found with some info related to it, etc.. So I thought I would share.



It did not take me long to ditch the sofware that came with it, and fire up GB-pvr http://www.gbpvr.com/ I was wondering what others might be doing with it, I have seen ways to use it as a mythTV frontend, LinVDR, etc.. wondering what other people might think of it, or be doing with it, links to info you might have, etc.. etc..

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