Yamaha YHT150 ... Any good?

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That's what I want. I need a coax AND optical audio inputs, which that has. Are the speakers good? I don't know much about systems like this, and I want to make a good first purchase in my price range ($500CAD). I'm getting the DVD player separately, but I only want to spend around $100 on that (and it must have optical out and component video).

In any case, I really want to know if the YHT150 is any good. Or if a Pioneer model, or even a combined Audio/DVD system is better.



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Pink Floyd

not too bad forthe price you want to pay

as the dvd player quality, why only 100$ if you want to buy coax and optical cables which cost $$ ?

btw: I wouldnt listen music on that.. they are small speakers specially designed for movies system

all the base sound will become from the sub

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shop around abit though, Futureshop is usually more expensive than other places.

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Excellent system. You get the 5730 receiver (I believe) with that, and that alone is a $200 US unit. I tell my customers out right that Yamaha systems are the only ones, out of what Best Buy carries in HTIB's, that I would go with. Pair that up with a Pioneer DVD and you'll be in heaven.

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