[Review] BenQ T903 19" LCD Monitor

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Recently, I was lucky enough to stumble upon some great January sales going on and picked up a BenQ T903 19" LCD Monitor from Futureshop (who I normally dislike) for $429.99 CAD (That's only $345 USD). After reading some reviews about it I decided to order it. It arrived at my dormstep 2 days later and my first impression of it was a sharp look LARGE screened beast. I will now break the transaction and product rating down into 5 rating catagories. Product looks, make quality, screen quality, packaging and accessories, and features


After removing the monitor from the box I was pleasantly surprised at the looks of the monitor itself it had a fairly thin frame (approx 2/3" thick) was a nice matte black plastic and was thin in depth. The controls (brightness, contrast, etc) had small neat looking buttons and their was nothing obtrusive about the layout and design of the monitor. It stood on a nice looking base, with no tacky looking modeling. Clean, simple design.


Make Quality

The monitor stand was made out of lightweight plastic so when carrying the monitor you should lift by the frame. But other than that the base is fairly sturdy and has a little bevel underneath which works great for holding screws, loose change, etc.


Screen Quality

The screen itself had no dead pixels (plus!) and was very crisp and easy to look at. It has a native resolution of 1280x1024 pixels and looks very sharp. A response time of 16 ms makes it more than usable in games and my CS:S scores have actually risen with it. Their is almost no ghosting in the game. Even then only really noticable after a flashbang; which tends to leave that effect anyways (Yes I can tell the difference between the Games ghost and the monitor). For everyday use the screen is great. With good contrast and brightness it is ideal for typing up essays or having fun in photoshop. I am going to get a DVI cable soon as ell which is supposed to make screen performance even better.


Packaging & Accessories

The screen came in a fairly plain box that had handels and 2 pieces of styrofoam. It came with a Power cable and a VGA cable (unfortunatly not a DVI but what do you expect for $429 CAD , $345 US). Everything worked fine.



With a DVI input, intelligent screen adjust (the auto-sizer for the screen) and a clean and functional OSD. Overall great value.



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Sounds like a nice monitor, thanks for the review.

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whats the response time on it? 0_o

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he said 16ms already!

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