Another BitTorrent site goes bye-bye

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Once they come down, another rises from the ashes

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You guys need to understand that by pirating you are just hurting yourself. You are limiting what you will be able to do with ALL FUTURE MEDIA. It's stupid to keep thinking they are just trying to kill P2P, be smart. By pirating and supporting this kind of crap you are killing all media distrobution!

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Why all this crap about Lowkee stealing donations? People donated $40,000 to a court case.... the case was lost / settled out of court....Lowkee has to pay a fine of $1million. Seems he lost alot more than the donations so could SOMEONE please explain how he stole the donation fund? There was no guarentee that a few donations would win the case so all the people accusing him kindly go away.

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Also, I read that the logs that the MPAA got were logs of the people who downloaded the .torrent files. Just downloading the files is not a crime. That's like saying, if I bought a gun I'm going to go out an shoot someone. I don't see how they could try to get money out of anyone when they have no proof(Yes there's proof, the site was successful). People can download .torrent files all day without actually getting the illegal files out of them(most of them) and they can't do a thing about that.

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