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HEy Guys

I a planning to buy a High Definition Receivers for my tv and I will be hooking it up to a roof antena. My question is what High Definition Channels are avaiable over-the-air Antenas?


P.S. Fusion :laugh:

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any HD content from your local stations is available over the air. Nothing more.

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Over the air in South Jersey you get:




WTXF-DT (FOX Widescreen)



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Many of the programs will not be in HD even though they are on the HD channel - they will have black bars or 'custom' bars on the sides. Check ABC.com , NBC.com , etc... to see if your favorite shows are available in HD.

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I must say HDTV is just incredible I have Digital Cable with about 15 HDTV channels and 300 regular channels....needless to say I just watch the HDTV channels the difference in picture quality is amazing, you can see pores on peoples.

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Yeah, I can't stand it when my parents watch shows like csi on the regular channels instead of the hd channels. My dad claims there is no difference (his eyes are bad), but atleast my mom is now making an active effort to make sure she is watching the hd versions. I can't wait until it is the standard.

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well here in australia you have: abc HD, sbs HD, 7 HD, 9 HD and ten HD.. also we have the same in SD plus sbs world news channel, sbs radio 1, sbs radio 2, abc dig radio, abc dig jazz radio, abc 2 (comming soon), Sports active on nine ( need an interative set top box for this one and is only shown when sport is on) and also all the stations have tv guides.. all on free 2 air. but you seem to be an american so none of this matters for you anyway hahaha.

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