LeBron James = The Best Ever?

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This past week's issue of Sports Illustrated...(Not THAT issue, boys) had LeBron on the cover and the statement that at 20, he is the best ever.

Um. Please.

I am sick and tired of every flash in the pan being touted as 'The next Jordan'. There will not be a 'next Jordan'. He is a once in a lifetime player.

LeBron's good, but this is nuts to put that on a 20 year old.

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Compare LeBron at 20 to when MJ was 20. No comparison, LeBron would dominate if we could have them play at those ages. It took MJ a while to come into his own. He was injured the first couple of years while in the NBA but once he got better, he exploded onto the scene and with good reason. LeBron has been hyped since HS which has never been done by a modern day MJ or Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. LeBron may not be the best ever yet, but for his era of players, he's sure up there already and he's not even reached his prime.


Jordan was already winning championships at age 20. North Carolina anyone?

Michael's second full year? 37 point average, 125 blocks, 236 steals, and 5.5 rebounds a game. Out of those rebounds are the only think LeBron is even competing with. LeBron's got a long way to go.

And never been hyped since high school? Kevin Garnett.

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First of all, you can't compare NCAA Championships with LeBron and MJ since LeBron never went to college. Throw that one out.

Sure, in his 2nd full season but in reality, it was his third. Like I said, he was injured the first couple of years and didn't have great seasons. He played a total of 100 games his first two seasons in the NBA.

Kevin Garnett would have dreamed to have received the attention that LeBron did. Was Kevin ever on TV while playing in a HS game and Dick Vitale the commentator?


Championships are winning. Plain and simple. LeBron hasn't won anything yet.

18 games into season #2, Jordan gets injured, from an injury that, at the time, was career threatening.

Garnett been on TV in HS? Is Dick Vitale supposed to impress me? A few times, yes, but not as much as LeHype, and No respectively.

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