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[?]Security: XP vs. 2000



Which is more secure? I am having a debate with my friend and then realises neither of us know what we're talkin about.

But anyway... what's more secure and why? XP or 2000?

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Since XP got a new servicepack2 and Hot-Fixes after SP2 its more secure right now than 2000 since it hasnt got a servicepack after SP4, and microsoft has said it will be a update rollup instead of servicepack5.

based on this i can tell u XP is right now safer than 2000

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That isn't entirely correct mohan, a SP5 is probably going to come, but first comes the secuirty rollup.

But comparing WinXP to Win2k, WinXP has the edge with the SP2 firewall. Other than that it is the same.

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And a very thin edge that firewall is.

Remember - XP combines the security features of the NT development stream with the supposed usuability of the 9x Stream.

2k was the top of NT before the merge, and well, ME was the supposed top of the 9x stream.

That does not mean that xp is any more secure than 2k. especially not if configured incorrecty.

Security is not judged at the level of just installing the OS> It also includes passwords, patches and configuration.

Without these, there is no point in comparing them

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