setting up a MP3 server for the house

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CvTech    0

I have a "server" machine that I would like to set up as a multifunction music server. I have currently Red Hat Linux on there, but I am willing to change to another distrobution or even, YIKES, Windows 2003 Server. Whatever it takes to do this I am willing.

Basically, I would like for all 3 of the computer, 2 Macs and 1 PC laptop to be able to network to a drive that houses MP3's/WAV's/etc. using iTunes. After that, I would like the server to be able to spit out music to the family room 7.1 Sony surround system. I believe the surround system has an optical port as well as the standard RCA's and some other digital inputs, mostly video. But for that, I'm looking for a controller, maybe something like SlimServer, that can be controlled for the laptop PC that sits mostly in the family room and may travel to the kitchen etc. The wire and wireless network is alrady setup. Just need to be able to get all this situated. I also need to find a sound card for the PC, I'm assuming that can handle a travel of 50 feet from where the server is gonna sit (in the basement) to the family room one floor up.

Any help or ideas would be great.



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SMeK    0

i put all my mp3s on a win2k server then just share the driver on network, simple map the network drive on my machines all to j:\ so the playlists work on all machines

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Dean W    0

Nice Little Programe I Could Use...

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Joseph Zollo    6

iTunes has a built in music sharing! Just setup one computer with all your music on it and share away. To connect your iTunes library to your speaker system via optical, you could use an AirPort Express. With the express, all you have to do is log onto a computer that has iTunes installed, connect to your shared library and select the express to output the sound to!

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