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I think he's talking about the bigger lines on the free throw line (and ya man, your pic's messed up)

anyways, the thicker lines in the free throw lane closest to the edge of the court show where the backboard overhangs over the court. They put those lines there both for aligning where the backboard should be placed and for the players to know where the backboard is without looking up.

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Those red lines are there to indicate the top of the "painted area". The rule of "3 seconds in the paint" can only go into effect when the player (offensive; in the NBA it's both offensive and defensive) is below those red lines and anywhere in between until the baseline.

As far as the international lane (or "painted area") being wider, it has been an issue for American players because they are not used to having to avoid a much wider area. Watch an NBA game and you will see guys like Shaq just take a step out of the lane then step back in to restart the 3 second cannot do that in international ball. Depending on what way you look at it, it can either kill the post-up game of basketball or it makes the game much more exciting and quicker (Just for example, not many big men from international countries do well in the NBA, whereas the guards are much more of a force and have better success - this is because in the international game, there is much more of a perimeter game).

Anyhow, there ya go :)

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