What's your favourite Sport?


What is is Neowin's favourite sport?  

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  1. 1. What is is Neowin's favourite sport?

    • American Football/Rugby
    • Soccer
    • Ice Hockey/normal Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Any form of Racing
    • Atheletics
    • Cricket
    • Winter Sports (e.g. Snowboarding, Skiing)

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Its FOOTBALL! Get it right. When will you iiiiiiiidjyats learn? :no:

Oh yea.Football by the way. (obviously)

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Its FOOTBALL! Get it right

oh my god, all you english really need to shut the **** up about this. we know it's football we just can't call it football where we live because afl is the number 1 sport over here as is the nfl in the usa. if we say to someone "what is your favourite football team" (meaning soccer team) they are going to reply with their favourite nfl team or afl team. it's just the way it goes, it just complicates things over here

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Football and its not called bloody Soccer, thats a stupid american term


sorry man, i blacked outt ... thanks for telling me, no worries.. DAMN IT, its FOOTBALL ,

im so noob :angry:

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To play... swimming and running (yes they're sports. Lol)

To watch... basketball, gymnastics and competitive cheerleading (competitive cheerleading is a sport. Lol) :p

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  I am the only person who has voted basketball

i didn't vote it but it's my favourite sport to play :) i got 3 blocks in last weeks game on a guy 1 foot taller than me and i'm a point guard :p

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