What's your favourite Sport?


What is is Neowin's favourite sport?  

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  1. 1. What is is Neowin's favourite sport?

    • American Football/Rugby
    • Soccer
    • Ice Hockey/normal Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Any form of Racing
    • Atheletics
    • Cricket
    • Winter Sports (e.g. Snowboarding, Skiing)

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You gotta love hockey, all forms and shapes of it. To play, inline hockey, although i would love to try ice... and uh... i dunt really watch sports because i'd rather be spending my time actually playing the darn sport as opposed to watchin other people play it.. its just not "exciting" hjejej...

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What better sport than Baseball. 162 regular season games a year + spring training & playoffs. Basically that sport is all year long.

Go Cubbies :woot:

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Ice hockey. It's kind of manditory if you're a Canadian ;)


It's part of our genetic memory.

On some of these polls, however, it isn't even listed... :cry:

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Wonders why American football and Rugby are in the same vote, as one is played forwards, with padding (plenty of it) they have like 2 teams if not more and it takes forever to complete.

Now lets see about Rugby, two codes, Union and League, game that is played by passing the ball backwards.

Ohh the difference, Americans call their Rugby-Football, a game played with the hands rather than the feet.

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