What's your favourite Sport?


What is is Neowin's favourite sport?  

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  1. 1. What is is Neowin's favourite sport?

    • American Football/Rugby
    • Soccer
    • Ice Hockey/normal Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Any form of Racing
    • Atheletics
    • Cricket
    • Winter Sports (e.g. Snowboarding, Skiing)

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Yeah :)

Since Skateboarding is not there, I have to say Racing (because of motocross) :)

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Guys, I swear if I see one more "not that Amercian crap Soccer - it's Football, blah, blah" I'll go back and delete each and every post with that reference.

Education, children is the key to prosperity:


The term "soccer" came into use in England during the 1880s by university men from Oxford and Cambridge. The use of "association football" as distinct from "rugby football" was already in practice and "soccer" became a colloquialism formed by extending the second syllable of "association". Today it remains a primarily journalistic or conversational term in Britain and throughout the Commonwealth, but in the United States, Canada and Australia its use is the rule.

In its early days soccer in the United States was known as football and when the national governing body of soccer in the United States was formed in 1913, it was known as "The United States of America Football Association."  In later years that gave way to "The United States Soccer Football Association" (USSFA) and then to day's "United States Soccer Federation." Many of the state associations in the U.S. contained "football" in their title when they were formed in the early years of the century.

In Australia the national team is known as the "Socceroos", while one of the world's best known soccer magazines "World Soccer" is published in England. Consequently soccer is not a term unique to the United States as many people seem to think.

History by Colin

SOURCE (Scroll down a bit)


Soccer is an abbreviation for Association Football. The Football Association was formed in London in October 1863 when representatives of eleven clubs and schools met in an attempt to standardize the rules of the game. One of the rules prohibited the carrying of the ball, a rule that would lead to the Rugby-oriented clubs leaving the Association several months later. The name Association Football was coined to distinguish it from Rugby.

By 1889, the abbreviation socca' was in use, and the spelling soccer had made its appearance by 1895.

SOURCE (Scroll down to the British Soccer History section)

The term "Soccer" was coined when someone was asked if he was a Rugger, which is a Rugby player. The -er signified that the person participated in a a particular sport. The individual, Charles Wreford Brown, replied with "Soccer!", taking the phrase from Association, SOC, and adding the -er. The term stuck. While British individuals still call the game Football, Americans and other countries call it Soccer, especially if they have heavy support in American Football present. Ever since the foundation of the Association, "Football" has risen in popularity, becoming one of the best love games in the history of Earth. Now, hundreds of thousands play the sport, although it lacks the initial violence present at its creation.

So yeah, we may still be using the term and most aren't, but that is not a teerm Americans invented - it was an English phrase. Have a problem with that then it is only the Londoners to blame.

Back OT, I love American Football, which obviously should not have been paired with rugby.

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Sorry about that. I had to because I was trying to get as many sports in as possible. As I can only have 10 choices.

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Track (I'm voted "Athletics" since that's what it's called in the Olympics... I'm guessing it's what you were referring to, also) is my favorite. Then again, I love running track.

Hockey is my favorite sport to watch, followed by Basketball, then Baseball.

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sports i play in real life are; basketball ,table tennis,running,horizontal bars

and sports that i love(on PC games) but i don't play in real life are;

ice hockey, billiards, TONY HAWK(I mean skating),motorcross


none. video games is a way to do something you can't do in real life. period.

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What about paintball? So I had to vote for soccer whch is a great sport and idgeball were is that?

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