Anyone try the Terk TV5 antenna?

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Alright... I splurged... paid $200 for a HDTV Tuner for my Non-HD TV. Yeah, I know, but it downsamples to 480, so it still looks alot better than regular TV...

Anyways, I bought a regular ol' Philips antenna with VHF & UHF that has a 45db amplifier on it. It's crap... it can't pick up a damn thing, even hanging out of my window.

So I'll be returning that tomorrow, getting my $25 back, and going to Circuit City to buy this: Link!

Any of you have experience with this? The reviews on the site are great.

And I did all this in the hope of watching tonight's NCAA tournament game in HD... too bad :( (was it even broadcast in HD?)

Edit: I like how it's an Indoor antenna, but the specs say "Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor only" :p

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Well, I got this today and promptly returned it. Didn't do anything at all to help me!

I knew I had to get an outdoor antenna at this point.

So, I went in and asked the same guy I bought it from (who seems very knowledgable, a first!) and asked if he had anything outdoor for $100. I knew they had one model, but it was not in stock (thank you, but maybe they had one and didn't know about it.

Luckily, one of the managers was right next to him and told me they had a return of a much better model for "around $100". He brought out the Terk TV36, medium range antenna. We checked it out and it was under $80! I can't remember the price right now, but it was a good deal!

Hooked it up (boy... it's huge) and stuck it in the yard for now, much better reception on NBC. I took our old antenna off the roof and got right off... too windy for me to do that crap nearly 30 feet up in the air.

Still can't pick up CBS, but a quick check online states that our CBS station has a digital feed, but does not broadcast any HD content. What a drag... go figure.

And then, to top it off, I read @, a new channel guide has surfaced for our area, and it shows our NBC affiliate coming tomorrow or soon thereafter. :no:

This whole experiment in OTA HD might be up the return aisle soon if that's the case.

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