NAT or Internet Sharing On Mac OS X?

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Anyone know if Mac osx has a NAT server or some type of internet sharing that gives ips to others and shares net connection built into it? (Im thinking of buying a mac and trying to get everything together before I do)

If it doesnt have something like that built in. Can someone suggest an application that will let me do it (Id like a gui interface not only console)



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Why yes there are ways to do that. First if you really know your stuff in UNIX you can configure tha NAT from the command line in Terminal. Second and by far the easiest, you can get IPNetShare X at ( ) just search it up. IPNetShare enables and configures your NAT settings from a UI and is far easier to do than the command line. One note IPNetShare is still in beta, but works wonderfully well none the less.

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Tim Dorr

are there any single nic NAT options? like sygate home network?

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