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So i was getting a hair cut the other day and the haircut lady starts telling me about how she was using comcast On Demand to watch whatever shows she wanted with the ability to pause, play, ff, rr, all that good stuff. Is this just a clone of TivO? Ive got comcast at home and i couldnt find On Demand anywhere in the menu or on my remote. I did find InDemand, but thats just the PPV channels. Anyone know anything about this On Demand stuff from comcast?

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On Demand is available with digital cable service. All PPV channels are on demand and I also get HBO on demand so I can watch whatever movies HBO is showing, for the month, whenever I want. Basically, you choose what movie you want to watch and you then have the ability to watch it much like you would a video tape. You can play, pause, rewind, or fast forward the movie/show that you ordered.

This is not a DVR service. They have preset movies/shows only, which usually change monthly. For 5 bucks a month, I get unlimited HBO ondemand from Cablevision.

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On Demand is free for Comcast users. Unless you want some of the OD for HBO and such. If you are signed up for a certain channel, you get that channels on demand. It's pretty sweet and a lot of people like it. Can't go wrong with free. ;)

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Straight from the horses mouth:

Comcast OnDemand gives you the ability to watch content that you can pause, play, fast forward, rewind, or stop through digital cable at any time. We offer a multitude of different kinds of programming from music videos, cable network episodes from comedy central to discovery, and movies on premium channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime as long as you subscribe to those premium networks. You can also score PPV movies and adult movie content for a charge. The price on PPV movies average at $3.99 a piece, and adult movies range from $9.99 - $11.99 a piece.

OnDemand also offers complimentary movies that you can get too. It is an overall great feature but not all Comcast subscribers can get OnDemand. It depends on the area you live in and it's availability in the area. It would be best to call your local Comcast office and have them check your address for availability since I would be unable to do that for you unless you live in Oregon or SW Washington. You also need a digital box for OnDemand. If you have a HDTV with cablecard support, you will not be able to get OnDemand, PPV, or the interactive guide and menu.

Just some info that you may or may not have. I know some of this has been mentioned but I wanted to give it you straight from my workstation ;)

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