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Hi, total newbie here looking for anyone whom has knowledge of AnimFX and how I can place a Flash banner created with it onto the header of my invisionfree board

I experimented with a crappy free flash banner that was a standalone .swf file a hosted it on imageshack and copied the url into the the following code:

<embed src='http://www.yoursite.com/flashfile.swf' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' pluginspage='http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash'></embed>

<noembed><img src='http://www.yoursite.com/yourlogo.gif' border='0' alt='' /></noembed>

this DID allow me to open the flash banner and use it on my invisionfree board

Now the banner (the good one) I have bolted together with AnimFX looks great but upon completion I have the HTML for the banner and a.swf file and a .text file

Here is where (being the newb) I go to ###### trying to explain this and SERIOUSLY need the help of someone familiar with AnimFX

When I say a .swf file I mean one of the .swf files that comes with AnimFX ie: fire.swf, this then gives my banner a fire effect, now after I save my finished banner in AnimFX I copy and paste the text and swf into their own directory like this:

the fire.swf, the .text, also this is where the finished HTML document resides, it opens up the banner in Explorer with no problems but I cannot fathom how to place it into my invisionfree board in the way I did with the crappy free banner

Any help?, I am all over the place here and somewhat out of my depth

I have emailed Menno Berndsen (AnimFX creator I believe?) but all I get is 'the answer should be in the tutorial', well Ive read the tutorial and it isnt lol

Any help would be VERY much appreciated


(Lovely looking site BTW, much nicer than my 1.3 version, although I believe invisiofree are about to upgrade, nice:))

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