Outdoor Speaker Setup?

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Don't know if this is where you all could help me or not but if you can great.... Or if you could point me in the right direction that be helpful also.

I need 2 decent speakers for outside near pool area. Will be mounting them directly to house. Weather resistant i guess. Although im in Cali so i dont get harsh harsh weather.

Again 2 decent speakers, don't want to spend a fortune.


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I'd suggest looking towards Yamaha. KLH would be a VERY cheap solution and Bose would be a great sounding solution, but I think the Yamaha offerings would be a nice middle ground.

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I was in a quandry about this myself. Even though I auditioned several brands of speakers, most left something to be desired as far as I was concerned. At least without spending what I considered too much for outdoor speakers. I almost settled on a pair I found at Circuit City then ran across a site recommended to my by my brother that sells internet only.

After some reading around about the site and it's owner...I decided to chance it. They'll let you audition in your home for 30 days and if you don't like them, you pay the shipping back. I figured no biggie as shipping was 15 bucks.

After getting them setup....I love em. Nice...The upper mids could be better but that's a complaint I had about all the od speakers I heard..

Anway...here's the addy. Check them out for yourself.


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