Sailing in the Caribbean

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I love to watch this sport.

one of the best/fun/challenging Regatta's in the world is held by the island of Antigua annually. It's called the Antigua Sailing Week regatta. 5 days of racing with a rest day in between called lay day which is all about fun contests, beer drinking, tug-o-wars, wet t-shirt, and live bands. :p Bath tub derby.



I'm there every year. lots of people from around the globe come to the island for this event.

some DJ's from Europe come down for the week long session along with local live bands every night in the Marina's where the yachts moor. MTV uk was there this year with an exclusive party on a small island offshore. BBC tv also filming.

Here's the official website with a gallery.


check out some video footage of the Classic Yacht Regatta the week before the main the link: Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 05 Quicktime Sampler

on this page:

It's pure fun...and lots of alchohol. :rofl:

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