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[review] Canon A510 3.2MP


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After owning a Sony point-n-shoot camera for about 4 months, I really needed something that was better quality, had manual exposure (for sports scenes) and used a cheaper medium for memory, but still stayed under the $200 mark. After a week of researching, I came across the camera ? the 3.2 mega pixel Canon A510 (new model of the popular A75 which I based my purchase on since there were no reviews of the 510 yet at that time) I ordered the camera for $170 shipped from

The first thing I noticed about this camera was how small and light it was. It only uses 2 ?AA? size batteries, unlike others which use 4 or propriety batteries. I spent about 10 minutes glancing through the manual to get the feel for the extra features.

The first place I took pictures was my indoor track conference meet. Because of the low light indoor satiation, combined with fast runners, some of the pictures turned out either too dark or blurry without the flash, but with the flash there was less blurriness. I also took a 2 minute video, and the lighting was fine and not blurry.

On vacation in Florida, I took many pictures ? from family photos to of the environment around me, the camera went everywhere. With red-eye enabled, some pictures still had the effect, although it seemed to depend on the outside lighting also. While there, I tried the macro mode, and the picture of the flower I took was amazing. Another thing was I used manual mode for 15 seconds at night to take a full shot of the moon

Another track meet ? this time outdoors on a very sunny day. I changed over to manual exposure, and set at 1/1000. Every picture I took came out sharp and beautiful with vivid colors.

For battery life, I can snap about 120 pictures without the flash, but with the LCD on, or about 60 with the flash.

One thing I didn?t like was how you got the pictures on your computer. Unlike the Sony camera, Canon has its own software that must be used instead of using default Windows XP drivers. The software is easy enough to use though, and has features like remote capture. I just would prefer to bring my camera to a friend?s house, use his cable and not have to install anything to get those pictures off.


What?s included:


Wrist Strap

2xAA alkaline batteries

English & Spanish manuals


USB Cable

16MB SD card


3.2 Mega Pixel Canon DIGIC sensor

4x Optical zoom

3x Digital zoom

SD Card compatible


Manual 15s-1/2000s control

Auto controls including night, beach, sports, and portrait modes and 9 others

AA size batteries

I hav:Dto:Div:Dth:D :D ::D ::D ::D ::D/ :D :D :D :D :D

Pic taken (more added later)




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I just bought this camera a week or so ago... I LOVE IT

the camera is the shiznitz!

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Nice review Cave! I purchased the A510 about 3 weeks ago and have been really impressed with it so far. I picked up a 4 four pack of Energizer 2500 NiMh batteries and was able to take 200 shots with the LCD on, some with the flash as well (still had some juice left)....a must have.

Anyway, I just got back from a weekend trip in Laramie, Wyoming and took some pictures this Monday morning while fishing for Rainbow Trout.

What do ya think?





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Wow. Good review. I am thinking of getting this model.

Nice pics, guys (Y) ;)

Too bad, in Ukraine this model cost around $240 :rolleyes:

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I have the Canon Powershot A85 (4MP) but looking at the screenshots makes me regret my purchase

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