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Optimal Front Speaker Placement in Cluttered Space

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deck    34

I just got my home theatre system. FutureShop was having a special on a Yamaha receiver and a Polk Audio speaker set. Good deal, I took it when my Onkyo purchase fell through.

So now I have to figure out the front speaker placement... My room is very cluttered, and I don't have a lot space to set or hang the speakers. You can see in the picture below where I think I should put them (the red circles).

It would put them about 2 feet above the center channel, and another 2 feet away on either side. Is that wise? Given my situation, do I have a choice? And if I do put them there, will increasing the volume on just those two speakers help compensate for them being further away?

Second; I can likely mount them both on the wall, but one of them will be on/above a shelf. Should I just leave it there and match the other speaker (against the wall)?

FINALLY, and not related to placement; I have a digital cable and the sound from the cable box is running through the receiver (coax). The only problem is that some channels come in really loud and some come in really quiet. Does the receiver have a way of stabalizing the sound? Because my box (Scientific Atlanta 3100) doesn't. The receiver is a Yamaha HTR 5750.

My primary concern right now is the speaker placement, though.

ADD: I'm also considering the position noted in the second picture. The speakers will be closer to ear level and both mounted on the wall.





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bangbang023    31

I'd say he second positioning would be better. First off, they are at image level, which is good. Also, this way, they are bothing hanging as opposed to one hanging and one sitting on a shelf, which could, to a small degree, unbalance the acoustics.

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