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First of all, if this is something that's not allowed on neowin, mods can delete this post. OR, if i have this in the wrong area, please move this post and let me know. And I apologize ahead of time.

Today I have a request to make, I work along with several people and we make mini-movies, to be exact, gospel movies, these movies are usually pretty short, around 20 - 40minutes.

For the past 2 years, we have been working on another short film, we currently don't have an english name for this movie yet (its a chinese movie), however, after nearly 2 years of filming and planning, we were finally able to finish the last bits of filming yesterday night.

Now the process is editing the movie, which I am to be heavily involved in.

This movie will be showing mainly in chinese churches as well as a short term missions trip will be travelling from Canada to Panama. They will bring this movie along when they travel over to Panama and hope to bring the gospel message to the chinese people living in Panama.

We are also planning on showing this movie worldwide, and in order to do that we need to be able to find a reliable hosting solution, because this film is not a multi-million dollar production, we will need to find video hosting that is cheap or even free donated by companies or individual people.

This is what we are looking for..

Video hosting (preferably windows media servers) or just normal http servers capable of streaming video (will most likely be flash based to save bandwidth). The amount of disk space will probably be less than 300MB, but we will however need as much bandwidth as we can obtain.

If your company is willing to sponsor us the hosting, your company name, logo, any websites will be published on the movie website as well as in the credits of our movie.

If anyone knows of any paying, but cheap reliable video hosting services (once again, preferably windows media servers), please let me know as well.

Thanks for your time!

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