Onterrio Smith - Caught w/ Whizzinator ha ha

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Vikings running back Onterrio Smith, who already has two strikes against him in the NFL's substance-abuse program, was briefly detained at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport last month after police found a kit used to beat drug tests called the Original Whizzinator in his carry-on bag.

Police found several vials of white powder and the Original Whizzinator during a search of Smith's bag at the airport on April 21.

Smith, Minnesota's leading rusher last season, told officers the powder was dried urine for making a clean urine test, according to a police report. He also had a bottle of pills labeled "cleansing formula." Smith told police he was taking the vials to his cousin.

"We will continue to monitor the situation as we would with any other and evaluate it from there," coach Mike Tice said in a statement.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said league rules state that failing to cooperate with a drug test was the same as failing it, but he wasn't sure whether there was any penalty for possessing a device designed to beat such a test.

The Original Whizzinator is a realistic-looking prosthetic penis that is attached to a jockstrap and a plastic bag filled with water mixed with powdered urine.

The $150 kit - popular with those who have to take drug tests in front of an observer - comes with a choice of colors, including white, Latino and black.

"It has been extensively tested and proven to work under real-life conditions!" according to Whizzinator.com.

Police say Smith's carry-on bag was searched after a tube of toothpaste set off an alarm at a security check.

Smith was suspended last season for four games after testing positive for marijuana, his second drug offense. A third violation would result in a year's suspension.

In 2000, Smith was kicked out of Tennessee for using marijuana. He finished his college career at Oregon.

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ah, gotta love these pathetic excuses for athletes we have these days.

dang, i didn't even know he got kicked out of tenn...

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bah, title should say Onterrio, not Ontario...jesus.



canada on your mind? ;)

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In 2000, Smith was kicked out of Tennessee for using marijuana.

Says it all right there. If the Vols turn you away, something is SERIOUSLY wrong with you.

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As a Vikings fan, I hope he gets suspended for a year. He clearly doesn't get it.


Man, you are a brave and honest fan...I wouldnt want him suspended if I were a Vikings fan. Even though he was suspended for a portion of the year last season, he was still a crucial part of their offense when he was eligible.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Rumor has it Smith is gone for 1 year...putz.


Minnesota Vikings tailback Onterrio Smith has been apprised by the NFL that he faces a suspension for the entire 2005 season for a repeat violation of the league's substance abuse program, two sources with knowledge of his situation told ESPN.com.


Teammates of Minnesota Vikings Onterrio Smith said the running back has been suspended for a year. The team would not confirm Smith?s suspension, but said Smith will be held out of the rest of developmental camp, which runs through mid-June.

"He's been excused from the rest of the off-season program and he'll be gone indefinitely," coach Mike Tice said Thursday. "I really can't speak about any reasons why or when he'll be back. It's in the league's hands. We'll leave it at that."

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The lengths people will go to cheat is just getting absurd. Guy deserves to be the butt of an endless amount of jokes to mock his stupidity.

Onterrio Smith's 2004 salary: $237,235

Cost of "The Original" Whizzinator: $150

This whole hilarious story: priceless

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I played against him in high school, too bad he really doesnt know how luckly he is to make it big time and its sad to see him blowing it but he even got in trouble in highschool, hitting the mother of his baby :no:

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