1080p vs 720p

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I got a question about LCD HDTV resolutions.

When it comes to pc monitors higher resolution is better.

I would believe it?s the same with LCD HDTV?s. But here is what concerns me.


HDTV, I?m looking at is 37 inches, and supports 1080p (1920x1080 native resolution)

Most 37 inch LCD HDTV are about 720p (1366 x 768 native resolution)

The one with 1080p would be better for future that?s for sure

But what about standard programming? How much worse would standard programming (or vhs[yes I still have a few]) look on 1080p compared to 720p?

Standard programming would have to be stretched quite more on 1080p.

Same with DVDs, DVDs are 720x480 (something around that) how would it look on 1920x1080 res compared to 1366x768?

HDTV I?m looking at is not available for sale yet, but I would like to get one of those

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It won't look that much different, honestly, since it won't look all that great on either of the sets. My advice would be to simply not stretch the SD signal and let it display in it's native resolution. Some screen space will go to waste, yes, but the image will definitely be much more bearable and true to itself.

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The TV will most likely upconvert any SD signal. My Toshiba does 540p and 1080i. I just leave it set to 1080i.

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yes it does upconvert

but up converted sd signal will never be the same as true 1080p or even 720p

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