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Well, it's when watching the HD feed at work. I'll look at the levels tomorrow. Customers tend to screw with them. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's bad, I just notice these things easily. Also, I hate the idea of spending $2500 on a set and not having it even be HD. Waste of money, if you ask me.


All tvs on display at major retailers have really bad color and edge enhancment settings. Usually they are on the equivalent of the "vivid" setting from sony (which looks ok under the bright lights, but awful at home since it completely crushes black and white and just looks flourescent and unnatural. Its basically a "hey look at me" setting). I didn't say it was hard to tell the difference between HD and ED, but for a normal person once you get 8-10ft away from an HD 42" screen you tend to lose all of the detail you paid for just due to your eyesight. Now on the other hand I was at the best buy near my apartment recently and they had the 37" sharp lcd (1366x768) next to the ED 42" panasonic (852x480). They were showing a concert, and even from 10ft away it was really easy to see that the heads of the people in the crowd were clearly more defined on the lcd. But if I was just an average person that may have not been so obvious. And also you have to take into account that the 42" HD plasmas are 1024x768 so it would show less detail than a 1366x768 display, so maybe the difference would be less pronounced. But what you seem to be describing isn't a loss of detail, its just edge enhancment. I am sure you can see the loss in detail, but just keep your viewing distance in mind and see whether a 42" ED is really that much worse than a 42" HD at that viewing distance. I wasn't trying to recommend the ED over a good HD model. I was just trying to recommend a high quality ED over a low quality HD (the 43" pioneer that you have mentioned liking before are by no means low quality. They are very nice, although not the best, plasmas). I don't really know how these things are priced in the UK, but if Dazzla can afford it I would recommend getting a 50"+ model. If not then a good ED is usually better than a bad HD. Although, since he wants all the detail he can get out of the xbox 360 he might want to look into a rptv if a good HD plasma is not an option for him. (note you need a 50"+ plasma to get all the detail out of an xbox 360 game, but remember more goes into a picture than resolution so don't buy just based on that single spec. Let your own eyes decide).

btw, do you really get more than half off on my flat panel tvs? If you are allowed to disclose the information how much is that 45" sharp or the 43" pioneer on your discount?

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buying a Plazma is just a wast of time. just geta nice LCD man now from what i was toild but could be wrong a aquas screen is nice sharp aquas i think .

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Would definitely recomend the Pioneer PDP-434HDE

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man...soncomet beat me.. damn you! Panny TH-42PHD7UY-- best way to go.. dont believe what people at TARGET tell you.. haha no offense.. ive been studying plasma tvs for oo 4 years now.. im compared them all.

Heres what you need to know now: NEW plasma screens have reduced burn in that people are talking about... i think the ratio of people returning product from burn in was around 1 in 60. As opposed to like 3-5 years ago it was a major problem with the gas getting 2 hot. So personally and professionally dont limit yourself on how long its going to last because of burn in. As said earlier i dont keep things that are.. well 8 years old.. its just so outdated.. that its time to upgrade. I would bet if you got a plasma screen it would last you 6-8 years of great picture.

secondly you need to consider a few things.. the first being what input and output the tv will have

reason why.. is because the xbox 360 hasnt stated if it will support hdmi which is what you REALLY want

less wires and everything is digital. i wont get into details unless you want me to. But the ps3 is supposed to support 2x hdmi ports....:)

also consider viewing size and location. Plasmas are great for angles of say 140 degrees from center.. you will be able to see the picture perfectly. but if you sit perfectly in the middle and dont mind not seeing it from the sides go with something like a DLP they are GREAT for the money!

they weigh more.. but they have a solid picture

last thing the whole 1080p.. selling point is kinda bogus right now.. because last i checked it was only via component and not HDMI or DVI PLUS no one is broadcasting in 1080p... They are barely getting 720 out

and converted to all cable companys so... i wouldnt consider it just yet.

if you need assistance send me a pm.. ill be happy to help

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