whats the bitrate going to be on HD-DVDs

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Im just courious if anyones read what the bitrate will be for the content released on these new disc.

Sonys blue ray disc



so far my assumptions are based on MS HD content from their website i believe they were aprox 10,000-12,000 kilobytes a sec... if im not mistaken. which is 10-12 mbs a sec

12mb a sec x 60 sec per min x 130 mins

Thats 720mbs a min x 130 min movie = 93,600mbs

just about what Sonys Blue ray disc will hold..

anyone else have some info they want to include?

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It won't be that much. How would they fit a 3 hour movie on a single disk then? The bitrate will be much, much lower. The key here is the codec used. That's what will determine the quality :yes:

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