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Shibby    2

Hi all.

I'd like to create my own cables since i'm getting anoyed with keeping using tons of exentions. so instead it's cheaper and easyer to jsut make my own. so i can create my own lengths.

i'm not affraid to make my own cables since i have created other cables before.

i'm thinking of using this cable

i think it is possible to use this cable in creating phono and 3.5mm cables.

i'm not sure on 3.5mm cables but i think they use 3 cables.

i can use 3 of the cables for 3.5mm cableing and just ignore one or also use it as like a ground.

and for the phono i can create 2lefts and 2 rights at one end and the same on the other end.

but i'd like to see if anybody knows a link to a how to on creating 3.5mm and phono cables just to make sure i'm right.

i'm not worryed about quality as i don't want to spend to much on my small little system which isn't worth that much.

i just want to move some speakers around, and create a little box to plug all my audio sources in to so then i can just plug my big sound system or headphones in to which one i want to liste nto. saves me having to buy extention cables and running extra cables.

many thanks looking forward to links on some how to's cause i can't find any.

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