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E-mail connectivity issues



Sory this is long winded, i wanted to give as much backstory as possible to this problem..

I have a client, small peer to peer network, 4xp pro workstations all running, Office XP, Trend Pc-Cillin, Linksys Router, Cable Modem (roadrunner) with dynamic IP.

2 months ago, all workstations at the same time they where unable to send/recieve e-mail (pop3, OutlookXP). The message they where getting was, "Connection to the server was interupted".

The first time it happened very late on a Friday, i was unable to respond until Monday morning, by which time the problem had gone away, everything was working fine.

It happened again about a 3-4weeks after the first time, this time i got there while the problem happening. After troubleshooting, i replaced the linksys router, (it was being problematic for them anyways, needing to be rebooted every once in a while). As soon as i replaced the router, Email started sending and recieving again.

Tuesday, 5-31, it started happening again. Turns out the problem was not the router, but rather our public (WAN) IP address. As soon as i changed my public IP address E-mail started working again. With roadrunner dynamic address's, your IP will not change unless your MAC address changes, or when they change it, (usually monthly).

Im guessing that somehow, somewhere the IP address is getting flagged for SPAM/Virus activity. So far i've contacted the ISP, and i am the process of contacting the mail host to see if that is the case. The ISP says it's not them, the E-mail host has not responded. The workstations are virus free.

Does this sound like a reasonable explination?? For some reason i feel like i'm missing something here.

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