Watching Soccer Online?

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Hey guys,

I have been coming across alot of sites that charge you to watch football online.

Google List

Has anyone used these services before, and if so, what is their quality like?

I have cable here on TV, tho I am paying alot for a whole bunch of stuff that I never watch, and I still have to pay when it isn't football season.

So I am really thinking about these services. Would like your opinions on their quality.

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Now, If I am not mistaken, I think I did write "Watching Football Online" in the topic. Or am I imagining things? Maybe I am just being influenced by the people here who keep calling it "Soccer". I hardly call "Football" Soccer.

Oh my what is happening to me?

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Well the only way I've come across as being possible is from Yahoo's video search bar. I've searched for old goals and they work in media players

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