Carmen Electra still hot?

Is Carmen Electra hot?  

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Carmen still looks hot in the July issue of Maxim.

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Heh... well, NO 33 year old woman appeals to me thank you very much. It's just a little bit too old. I can't even say somebody like that is HOT really. I don't want to know how much surgery and injections she has had to keep things up to par with what people expect. It's just sad and disguisting... really... only desperate drooling guys would go after something like that.


Most little boys normally think 33 is too old. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll grow out of that.

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I'd tap it, and anybody who says they wouldn't is lying :p

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Omar Hussain

well lets put it this way? if she came up to you (as many women do with me ;) ) would you really say no? id definitly give her the once over, and helll no would i say no to that!

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