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NJ Louch    9,644

Am thinking maybe a shuttle with XP:MCE?

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Cosmos    0

I am looking into removing all the boxes under the TV (The VCR, DVD Player and Digital Top Box), they are all taking up space and are not sufficient for my needs anymore. But, what I am looking for now is an all-in-one device that can replace all of these. Now, this "all-in-one" device has got to do a few things and has got to be easy to use (for the parents), it will have to work fast and be reliable and have enough features for my own requirements.

- Play DVDs (Highly Compatible, Including DVD +/- RW)

- Play Multiple Video Formats (Divx and Xvid etc)- Network Connectivity (Ethernet and/or reliable Wireless)

- Record Analogue and Digital TV (To Built in HDD or Network HDD)

- Digital / Analogue Input.

- Future Proof (Possibly to Be Connected to a Plasma TV one day)

- Can connect to a TV using standard UK type Coaxial Cable

- No messing around to play/record programmes, easy to use.

- Not too big, a Small Form Factor PC would be an "ok" size (can be quite wide though).

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Cosmos    0

Got any specific model in mind?

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Martog    70

Shuttle SB83G5M

That's the shuttle designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition. I know Europe has them, as I looked for them to buy in the US, but could only find European links, even though the US site listed them. =/

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Mayn1ac    0

I just built a machine to pretty much the spec your looking for.

The output is SVGA or composite, though with some scart adaptor that can the used.

Shuttle SB61G2v1

Intel P4 2.4Ghz

512 Ram (2x 256 DDR, PC2100, 266)

Hauppage 150 PVR MCE OEM

2005 MCE Hardware Kit

160Gb Seagate Barracuda SATA-NCQ

256Mb Hi S Radeon 9600XT


WinXP Pro SP" (fully patched)

And the software Im running is MediaPortal 0.1.3 ITS FREE !!!! :D :cool:

Total cost from scratch was about ?450, but I guess you might have some parts already sitting around.

The Shuttle is pretty quiet too, good barebones system

The digital set top box... what have you got freeview or Sky ? my set-up works sweeeet with sky except can only record what your watching.if you want to record one thing and watch another (normal tv not sky) get the Hauppage 500 or is it 350 ?? its got dual tuners, cost a little more too.

The mediaportal software is great, RSS news feeds, weather, radio, deals with your picture and music. Its a sourceforge project so has lots off people developing add-ins....

I cant rate it highly enough and Im shocked its name doesnt appear in Neowin more often.

But the highest rating I can give is this setup passed the WAT (Wife Acceptance Test):pp

Let me know if I can be any more help...

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