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Cable modem piggybacking



I'm currently using @Home for my ISP.

I have heard that you can enter other servers into the DNS in your network settings. The reason I am asking is that with @Home's recent financial troubles if they happen to flip the switch on their servers, I'd like to still have service. I think it may be possible since the lines are still in place and controlled by the local cable company. Now if the "channel" is cut off by the locals, I don't guess there is too much to be done.

Basically what I'm asking is:

Would this work?

Would this speed things up now?

Do I need to do more than put in new IPs in the DNS fields (does it try all in there or access only one at a time)?

Anybody know of some servers that don't mind the piggybacking?


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simply put, no, it won't work.

Here's why. Every cable modem has a mac address, it's basically a hardware identification, that doesn't change, and that you can't change. When a cable modem boots up and tries connecting to the service it sends its mac address, the servers then see if that mac address is in its database, if it is, it will allow it to use the service. If it's not, then it will be denied service. This is why you can't simply go out, buy a modem, connect it to the cable line and it will work. When you call to order they'll ask for the mac address. (most are printed in the back or in the manual) And this mac address is also how governments can track down people with dynamic ips... and yes, even network cards and dial up modems have them.

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Very well put, EmuZombie. To add to that, @Home has already filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and AT&T is currently backing them up so they do not have to "flip the switch" on their servers. Secondly, no intelligent company would do that, because then there would be some 25 million agitated customers and several agitated cable providers who would have to deal with agitated customers. Thirdly, if you get @Home through Cox or Comcast, they will be getting new backbones as of July (again, probably AT&T).

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it's only excite @home that is bank. There are different companies that own their own @home. like At&t.

At&t isn't a great service to be on either, I'm on them for @home. They are very bad with their service.

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