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thought i would make a thread for people to post their Cinema EQ settings for differnt genres. i'll start off


60 & 120 HZ boost by 8dB

250HZ cut by 1dB

500 HZ boost by 2dB

1 & 4 KHz bost by 10dB

7Khz cut by 12 dB

14Khz boost by 5dB

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well i have a choice between stuff like club, live, and theather and a few others.

all actually do what they say, as Club has the most bass, uses the rear channels the most and what not.

i use theater, it uses the rear channels well and all have the following settings:

RL channel : +10DB

RR channel : +10DB

SW channel : 19 out of 20 (around 180W)

C channel : +10DB

my subwoofer has a load of frequency settings, but i cranked the nobs on the back to full. lol.

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I dont get what your on about. Care to explain plz.

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