Search for missing loved-ones after bombings


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Stonkwell Bogtrotter

"Relatives and friends of people missing since the London bomb attacks have been contacting the BBC News website in the hope of getting information about them. "

Please take a look here at BBC News to see if you recognise anyone shown in the photos.

There is a form to fill out if you have any details that may help people in thier search.


Anthony was last seen by friends at about 0830 BST at Camden Town Tube station.

He was on his way to work at Amec Offshore Services, near Liverpool Street station, but is thought to have taken an alternative route to work, via King's Cross, because of delays on the Northern Line.



Shahara is 20 and has not been seen since Thursday morning. A British-Bangladeshi Muslim woman, she lives with her parents in Plaistow, east London.

She is thought to have been on her way to work, passing through the area where the Aldgate/Liverpool Street Underground bomb detonated.

Shahara works for the Co-operative Bank at Angel, Islington, and left home wearing her uniform of black trousers and white top and carrying a Burberry Bag. A member of the family received a "missed call" on his mobile from Shahara around the time that the bombs detonated.

Her family has made exhaustive searches of the hospitals and made extensive contact with friends who may know of her whereabouts.



Behnaz has been missing since travelling to her work at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

She is thought to have taken a Piccadilly Line train at about 0900 BST.

Ms Mozakka is 48, about 5ft 4in, petite and was wearing a wedding ring.

Friends said she is from an extremely close family and there was no way she would not have contacted them if she was able to.



Laura, 29, was last seen leaving home in Islington on Thursday morning. She never arrived at work.

Her brother, Robert Webb, a council officer in Cardiff, fears she may have passed through the Edgware Road area at the time of the attacks in the city.

Mr Webb, 38, said his sister's boyfriend last saw Ms Webb at 0900 BST on Thursday as she set off from home in north London for her job as a personal assistant at London's University College Hospital.

Ms Webb is approximately 5ft 5ins tall. She is white, of medium build and has long, curly fair hair.



City worker Jamie Gordon, 30, has not been heard from since calling his work to say he was on a bus between Euston and King's Cross.

Girlfriend Yvonne Nash said she had given his details to the police casualty bureau and had spent all night calling hospitals without success.

She said she was desperate for news.



Colleagues last heard from Monika Suchocka in a text message she sent saying she was getting on a bus on Thursday morning around 0840 BST.

She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is around 5ft 6ins tall.



Ania is 43 years old and lives in Wood Green.

She took the Tube there at 0800 BST, heading towards Gunnersbury but has not been heard from since.

Ania was wearing a beige top, trousers, jumper, and carrying a beige handbag along with blue flip flops. She is about 5ft 5ins.



Philip Russell has been missing since Thursday morning when he called his parents and then his work to say he was just getting on a bus and was going to be late.

He did not turn up to work and no-one can get hold of him or has heard from him since. He is thought to have been in the area of the bus explosion.

Philip will be 29 years old in 3 days time - 11 July.



Susan Levy, 50, from Hertfordshire was on the Piccadilly line during the Russell Square underground bombings.

She has not turned up for work and no-one has been able to contact her.

Susan is 5ft 5ins and was wearing a dark pin-stripe suit, Tiffany heart necklace and a watch.

She is medium build with short, layered blonde hair. Her husband Harry and son James are desperately trying to find her.



Miriam last spoke to her father at 0945 BST on Thursday after coming out of King's Cross station.

She was sitting on the pavement and said that she was fine.

She was travelling to work at Canary Wharf, but was told by her agency not to come in. No one has heard from her since this phone call.



Karolina was travelling from Finsbury Park tube station on the southbound Piccadilly line to Russell Square to her place of work.

She is Polish, but speaks very good English. She has short blonde hair, distinct blue eyes, and is 5ft 4ins, with a pierced belly-button.

She was wearing a black trouser suit, with long-sleeved round neck black jersey, several silver rings on both hands, silver fine-medium linked chain, and black, heeled shoes.



Benedetta, 30, works as an economic analyst near Liverpool Street and would have been travelling there from Kings Cross.

She has brown hair and on Thursday was wearing blue jeans with a black top and a necklace with shark tooth pendant.

Her fianc?e Fiaz has borrowed a car to look for her in London.

She is an Italian citizen living in Norwich.



Her boyfriend Clive Brooks last heard from Helen at 0730 BST before she got on the Piccadilly line.

When she left home on Thursday she was wearing a dark trouser suit and is around 5ft 7in tall, with light brown, shoulder-length hair.

Helen lives in Holloway and works as a consultant for an equity company near Piccadilly.



Adrian last spoke to his wife at 0800 BST on 7 July as he arrived at Kings Cross on the overland train from Newark, where he lives.

He was due to travel on the Piccadilly line to his office near Haymarket.

Adrian, 37, is 5ft 11in tall with light brown, short hair and glasses.



Emily's brother James Bowles last heard that Emily was catching a train from Kings Cross.

The BBC has been in contact with Mr Bowles and is waiting for further details about his sister.



Ciaran Cassidy>: His sister Lisa said Ciaran was on the Piccadilly line train and hasn't been seen since.

Neetu Jain>: Her sister Reetu told BBC London Neetu took a bus after being evacuated from Euston Square underground and has not been heard from since.

Richard Ellery>: His mum Beverley last received a - text - message from Richard at 0830 BST on 7 July to say he was travelling to Liverpool Street station.

Christian Njoya Small>: Christian was last seen at 0800 BST on 7 July on his way to work. His route normally involves changing to the Piccadilly line at Finsbury Park or Kings Cross.

Xavier Rebergue>: He has been reported missing by colleagues.


If you can help please visit the BBC News Website to fill out a form with details.

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