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Not sure if this is the right forum but i think it is:


Im contemplating a system whereby i can play my videos, music and pictures from my pc to the TV set via ethernet. I looked at putting a PC next to the TV but dont wanna buy a new system(or MCE). also looked at set top pinacle mpc solution but it puts me off for lack of support/ugly interface/pricey.

I finally got myself to the conclusion that what i need is a modded xBox with a chip and maybe an HD upgrade which i can use to play divx/mp3 files off of my PC, browse the net if possible, play some old roms, and play dvds. A chip moded xbox system would cost me atleast 200Eur (or 300 with disk mod).

But im wondering should i wait until xbox 360 comes out because it also supports streaming files off of the PC and might be fractionaly higher than the price of a modded xbox. Is waiting for such a system worth it?

I have more trust in opensource development of software than waiting for companies to update their software and support more feature.

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