Need help buying a new plasma tv

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I know nothing about plasma tv's I just know I am ready to get rid of my huge tube tv and get a plasma. I was told that pioneer and panasonic are the two best brands for plasma. I narrowed it down to these two tv's I was wondering if anyone could tell me which one is better. Price isn't an issue because I am able to get both for the same price. Also if anyone knows of a better plasma in a 50inch size please mention.,00.html

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You're simply not going to beat that Pioneer. Their lower end models are a thing of beauty and the elite series only gets better. I would go with the Pioneer in a heartbeat.

Also, the Panasonic only does 1080i while the Pioneer does 768p. That's more lines of resolution when watching TV. The pioneer also has two hdmi inputs which is very nice. I could keep going, but just look at the specs. All of my personal preference aside, the Pioneer is simply a better unit.

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