Acquisition 0.6 is out for OS X

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It's based on the gnutella network, seeing as Audio galaxy is now dead and buried, people are looking for alternatives and this seems pretty lively. It's a nice piece of software to boot as well.

There is a drawer (optional) on the left hand side, which gives access to various parts of the program such as uploads, downloads etc. It also stores previous search's and when you click on them it instantly goes to the cached (I think, cause it's so quick) results.

It's also Ultrapeer, Ultrapeers are a technology that organizes the network so that the faster host is taking more requests than a 56k person with a 200 MHz PC.It eases congestion on the network and reduces bottlenecks.

Check out a screenshot of it in action:


You can download it from here:

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god that looks awesome. makes kazaa and the rest look like a 2 year old designed the layout. why can't someone make a nice looking and functional P2P client for windows??

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