[MLB] Ryan Franklin Tests Positive for Steroids

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Saw this:


Seattle Mariners pitcher Ryan Franklin has failed a drug test and has received a 10-day suspension under the terms of Major League Baseball's steroids policy.

The commissioner's office announced the suspension Tuesday afternoon. A representative from Franklin-Frye-McCann agency, which represents Franklin, said the pitcher will talk to the media after 2 p.m. ET in Detroit.

MLB officials could not be reached to comment, and the Mariners wouldn't confirm news of the suspension.

Franklin, 32, has a career record of 33-46 with a 4.19 ERA in six major-league seasons, all with Seattle. He is 6-11 with a 4.61 ERA this season.

A day after baseball announced that Baltimore first baseman Rafael Palmeiro had failed his test, Franklin became the eighth player to receive a suspension under MLB's more stringent drug policy, which took effect in March.

Wow. Kinda sad :(

Somehow 10 days doesn't seem enough for the first offense. Maybe 30 or 60 or 90 days?

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Probably from the same round of testing.


Yup, most likely.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. These guys are just not being smart. Even if it was "unintentional" as I'm sure he'll claim, how can you not be careful with what you put into your body knowing the new stricter policy? And if they're doing it knowingly well that's just BEYOND stupidity at this point.

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I really like the idea of MLB establing a list of substances you CAN use so at least people who are honest and want to avoid accidental positives can do so.

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