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It's going to be for my college apt, but I have a decent amount to spend hopefully, $1500+. I was looking in to getting one of those refurbished HK recievers sold by HarmanAudio on eBay, but I'm not sure which to get, 235, 630, etc? Also I might just want/have space for a 2.1 setup, so I was wondering which floorstanding speakers to get. Does wattage play an important role? I don't really know anything about home audio. Also how does wattage work, I see that say a reciever can do 60W per ch to 7 channels, so if I have a speaker that is rated for say 10-200W, it'll only max get up to 60W? Also the 8 ohm impendance, how does that work? I think I know that it is best to get an 8 ohm reciever and 8 ohm speakers, right? Also I want to get a sub with a nice tight thump, I want to rattle walls. But, does wattage play a big role in this, or should I be looking in to something specific? Also for a soundcard, would the AV-710 suffice, or should I go with something better, will I notice the difference? Thanks a bunch. 5.1/7.1 suggestions are also welcome.

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