[NHL] Crosby mobbed by Pittsburgh fans

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Aug. 10, 2005. 09:06 PM

Crosby mobbed by Pittsburgh fans

PITTSBURGH (CP) ? If Sidney Crosby had any doubts about his impact on the city of Pittsburgh, the hockey phenom from Cole Harbour, N.S., erased them Wednesday night when he was greeted at the airport by a throng of media and fans as he made his first trip here.

Escorted by two police officers, the Penguins' first overall pick in last month's NHL entry draft rode down an escalator and coolly met with nearly a dozen TV cameras while also signing autographs for fans.

Welcome to Pittsburgh, Sidney.

"I never try to expect anything, I just go along with it, but as far as this is concerned, it's pretty welcoming to see this many people here," said Crosby, who turned 18 on Sunday. "I'm just happy to be in the city."

But he admitted at being somewhat overwhelmed by the mob at the airport.

"A little bit," said Crosby. "But I guess I've been preparing for it, which is a good thing. So this isn't a total shock."

The questions thrown at him were typical of a young star first arriving on the scene. What did he know about the city? Is he excited about playing in the NHL soon? What has he been doing lately?

And through it all, the polished prodigy calmly answered all 20 or so questions thrown his way before making his way to his transportation with father Troy Crosby and agent Pat Brisson of IMG.

It had been a long day for the three men. It started in Vancouver ? where Crosby did some promotional work the day before ? and ended some 12 hours later.

"It's been some kind of day," said Crosby. "We had some trouble at immigration in the morning, then our flight was delayed in Chicago too. I'm just happy we're here now."

Crosby is in town for the Penguins' rookie orientation camp along with five other prospects. But the focus will be solely on him. He's being asked to help save a franchise that needs a new rink and has been an NHL doormat for three seasons.

Asked by a local TV reporter whether he was going to save the entire NHL, Crosby, again coolly, answered: "I don't think so. I think with no season last year, the NHL is going to look at many players to bring interest back to the game. I believe I'll be one of those guys but I don't think that I have the whole NHL on my back.

"There's lots of good players."

Starting with Pens owners/superstar Mario Lemieux, whom Crosby will bunk with this season. He won't move in on this trip but will do so at a later date.

In the meantime, Crosby was excited about Wednesday's trade that brought goalie Jocelyn Thibault to Pittsburgh. That comes on the heels of free-agent signings Sergei Gonchar and Ziggy Palffy.

"With Palffy and Gonchar, those are some real offensive players," he said. "It should be a fun team to watch, definitely."

While this week's first visit would seem like a perfect time to announce his signing, a source close to the Crosby camp said Wednesday that talks haven't really begun on that front. It's been a whirlwind since the draft, including an appearance on Jay Leno, and things need to die down before those negotiations will start in earnest. But given the CBA's new restrictive entry-level system, it won't take that long to put a deal together.


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Well Penguins fans ahven't had much to be excited about so that's understandable. Unless the Rangers pull off a miracle and turn around the last 7 years or so he may be the only reason I watch any hockey at all this season.

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and you call yourself a Canucks fan? You got the logo in your avy and you dont get pro sports?... Some things I will not understand.. :wacko:

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Pittsburg is gonna be a major contender this year I think. Great to see a fellow maritimer make it big. He is gonna help Pittsburg out alot. The new CBA is gonna make the league alot more competitve. Gonna be a great season.

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and you call yourself a Canucks fan? You got the logo in your avy and you dont get pro sports?... Some things I will not understand.. :wacko:


Well i love the game of hockey and i like the canucks. What i meant was this "super-star" bullcrap makes no sense to me. These bandwagon losers are only into winning and flashy idols. It's not about the game at all.

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