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Are Apple's OS X updates poisoned?

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psw    0

A security mailing list has alerted Apple Computer OS X users to a program that could let a hacker piggyback malicious code on downloads from the company's SoftwareUpdate service.


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lost_n_mad    0

I've read all about it on MacFixit. Hacker's don't piggy-back, they hijack. If you see an update that looks suspicious, don't download it. In example, if it gives you the option to update to Photoshop 7 for free, don't touch it. Try to run Software Updater a day or so later, and then see if it's still there. Apple isn't the only one who is susceptible to this, Adobe uses the same system (hence my example). My other suggestion to not fall for this is to check VersionTracker, Adobe's, or Apple's web site's. They always notify users when there is an update up for grabs.

So basically, don't jump to conclusions, and be a little more cautious before downloading an update.

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