Help with NTFS partitioning!


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OK, I just got a new hard drive formatted at the computer place at my school. Not because I don't know how to do it, but because every time I did it on this particular drive, it seemed to screw up. Anyway, I RMA'd the drive/enclosure and gave the new ones straight to the computer place at school for formatting. Works great now, except for one thing... they didn't partition the entire drive!

So here's my question: I've got the hard drive inside an enclosure, and the enclosure is hooked up via USB 2.0 to my computer. Under the Computer Managment window, it says that 128GB is partioned and formatted to NTFS, whereas 21.05GB is unallocated. I want the drive to just have one partition that encompasses the entire size of the drive. Would I screw anything up by deleting the partition that's already there and creating a new one that encompassed the whole drive? Would I need to format the drive again? And is it possible that doing it through USB 2.0 could screw it up somehow?

Any help would be most appreciated.



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gwai lo

Unlikely anything will screw up, and lots of people use enclosures like that too.

Just try deleting the partition and reformatting the entire thing into NTFS. *Should* be just that easy.

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