Looking for a nice stylish P&S camera...


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Well, its time I upgrade my Canon a70 to something else. I am basically looking for a nice point and shoot camera, that will not blur the images out if I am not holding the camera perfectly still. (which my canon does right now).

So far I found 4 cameras that are about the size + features I am looking for.

But which is the best bang for the buck?

Sony Cyber-shot? DSC-T5 Digital CameraspacerDSC-T5/B ($399.00)

Kodak EASYSHARE V550 Zoom Digital Camera ($291.00)

Panasonic Lumix? DMC-FX9K ($378.00)

Casio EX-S500 Series Exilim Card Camera ($328.00)

Or if there is any other cameras you guys can suggest that are small, ones that will fit in your pocket and take decent shots.

So any help would be appreciated,


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I have the Casio and love it, everyone that sees it loves it. And it takes very good pictures too...

Also tried the Sony, didn't like it.

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