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Hi, I'm after entering the digital camera market for the first time, soon - and don't really have any knowledge about digicams other than what I read on sites like this, and from word of mouth etc.

So I was wondering if you could help me out in finding one to suit my needs.

desired spec;

  • cost anywhere up to ?250 (can go higher if entirely necessary)
  • decent styling
  • has the ability to take decent, close (indoor & outdoor) macro shots
  • preferably 5mp - i know thats probably a lot for a novice user, but i plan to blow some pictures up to A3 and larger sizes.
  • adequate optical zoom (not bothered about digital zoom)
  • compatability with OSX

I was looking at the ]HP R717, but if anyone can sway my opinion from that or recommend any others I'd really appreciate it.


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