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Network Bridge



Hello everyone

I was reading about network bridges. I have gathered that they are used for communication between two differnt networks (e.g. ethernet and wireless or ethernet and usb network)

1 question... y would we need such a set up??

2............is it not possible to create a network bridge between two ethernet adaptors??

its all a bit confusing for me.. i would be greateful if you can put some light on the matter... and tell me where is it really helpful to bridge networks? and why ??

I found this article.. its really usefull....i have added a picture from this page..

does it means that the computer on the far right has two network adaptors?? one ethernet and one USB so that the laptop can connect to it?? if yes i do understand it a bit.. but what would be the use still?? please put some light on the matter......Thanks a lot in advance.



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