Opera: NTLM?

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Man, I am pretty bummed about Opera not supporting NTLM. I am this close to moving from Firefox to Opera, but this is a bit of an issue. Our admins aren't going to change the authentication method...and it works fine in Firefox.

Don't suppose anyone has a workaround?

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so i'm guessing there are no easier alternatives :( ok then downloading python-2.4.1.msi 10 mb :(

edit: got it working :)

my first opera screen :blush:


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my brain is fried, and i am too tired to even search up what your on about.. but please do tell what NTLM is... :sleepy:


It's the way you authenticate to Windows servers. In this case it's probably an ISA proxy server, and the browser is asking for a username and password because it doesn't speak NTLM like IE and Mozilla do :)

Basically the software picks up a 'token' based on your details when you logged on to the computer and uses that to authenticate with the server.

Moved to Opera

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its not as dificult as i thought it would be


1: install python: download: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.4.1/python-2.4.1.msi

2: install: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/ntlmaps....6.exe?download

3. edit server.cfg in %programfiles%\ntlmaps with your domain,username and pass

4. point @ your system name as proxy in opera>preferences>advanced>network>proxy servers

if you find the dos window annoying download: DM2 http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dm2/dm2-1.20.zip?download

RIGHT click on the minimze button now the cmd prompt window is minimzed to system tray


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