NFL Week 3 Expert Picks - Excel File - RESULTS

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Here is the link (Updated 9/27/05 3:02 AM):

Requirements to view the file:

1) An unzipping program (either winzip, winrar, etc. or the built in unzipping ability of Windows XP) since I provide the file zipped into a .zip file.

2) A program which can view excel (.xls) files. Microsoft Excel, Open Office, Microsoft Free Excel Viewer, etc.


Week 2 Best: 12-2; Chris Bahr (Sporting News), Brandon Funston (Yahoo! Sports), Sean Salisbury (ESPN)

Week 2 Worst: 6-8; Chris Mortensen (ESPN)

Overall Best: 33-13; Chris Bahr (Sporting News)

Overall Worst: 21-25; Peter King (


Week 2 Best: 11-3; Michael Fabiano (CBS Sportsline)

Week 2 Worst: 1-13; Jeffrey Boswell (

Overall Best: 27-18-1; Madden NFL 2006 (

Overall Worst: 9-36-1; Jeffrey Boswell (

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