What is Light?


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Mmm... well I like that last answer best. :p

Actually the point of it was, appart from other people's perception of topics such as these which does genuinely interest me, that I intended to eventaully give the full low down on the current position in science on the nature of light, its origins, the way it interacts with matter and the the strange schizophrenic nature of light (in that it can behave both like a particle and like a wave) and of how some of these odd effects are currently being put to good use in several highly interesting fields of science.

The only problem is, that I ran into a small snag... Which was simply that in the end, I couldn't be assed. :D

I just feel too lazy to do it - and I don't know who would read it anyway.

But apart from that, it was/is interesting hearing people's personal views on a topic that I have followed quite closely for several years.

A lot of these questions were asnwered on this thread anyway, so I can't really see the point in going over it all again.

But as I said, headless_armadillo gave a good answer - though some links to further reading for other posters might have been useful too.


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I think light is time and space, it's two dimentional, where in each dimention photons act like particles, but when combined (or not observed) they act like a wave, going through all possibilities of space-time [or itself] and that's why you get an interfecrence partern when you send 1 photon by itself into the two slits. Except when you start observing it, you collapse the wavefuntion of light into a single physical reality, or a single spacetime.

That's kinda why i think the idea of one electomagnetic field is flawed. That's true for 1 dimention, but in the reality of light, it's 2 opposite electromagnetic fields.

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