Indian Summer


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Lately in southern California, we have been having what is called an Indian summer. This is a time of the year when the weather turns very hot and the air becomes extremely dry, so dry that your skin becomes chapped, static electricity runs rampant, and winds pick up and often blow quite fiercely.

We had just such a weather pattern the other day, and it happened to bring our hottest weather in years to this area. Not only did it set a new high temperature record here where I live, but it was also hot enough for me to fry an egg on the street:


What sucks about this area is that whoever developed it thought that there was no need for central air conditioning in most of the houses and apartments within about 5 miles or so of the beach. I am just over 2 miles from the coast. So you can only imagine how hard it was to deal with this past heat wave. Luckily, I had a small window / room a/c unit that I stuck in my window which kept the temp in here at a "tolerable" 80 degrees, which I would rather take any day over 90+.

Btw here is a pic of the high temperature that we had:


Sorry for the crappy quality on that picture, but in case you can't read it it says 108.9?. Yes, I know it's October and I know where I live. But this is what Indian summer does to us, not to mention the brush fires we get virtually every fall season (especially like we did in both 1993 and 2003...).

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Man have you ever considered learning how to cook? Or don't they have any cooking utensils in your part of the world? :p What is it supposed to be anyway, an omelet?

Anyhoo I'd rather have the heat of California, than the grey/green cold of the UK. So if you ever want to swap, let me know.. (Although since most Californians are busy doing their best to burn an even bigger hole in the ozone layer, I don't suppose that the hot climate will be a lot of use, especially if one day you all have to walk about wearing space suits).

But oh well, enjoy your extended Summer while it lasts....


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First of all, I would never even eat an egg that I fried on the asphalt anyway, for obvious reasons. :p Second, it almost never gets hot enough to do that here, so the chances of me being able to do that are fairly slim.

I love the rain, cold, wind, etc. - so I wouldn't really mind going to the U.K. for a while. It would be a nice change of scenery, and I could also meet Matt Mecham, the guy who made IPB. :D

But anyway, like I said in my first post, when it gets hot here, it's usually a dry heat; as in there is no moisture in the air at all, just about. It can be hot as heck and there will still be virtually no humidity. That's one thing I like about living here as compared to living in Florida.

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