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Originally posted by Dazzla

I bought mine in April this year. There should be a little welcome pack in a plastic covering, it has setup, etc in it warranty details. There is one sheet which says "important" and has "Apple Software Proof-of-Purchase Coupons" written on it. I have 3.

To upgrade straight to jag (probably $20) it has to say Mac OS X 10.1 on it, not 10.

Exxxxxcellent. I will tell him to search through his original materials, and hope that he kept this stuff. Thanks.

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YAY!! I found my upgrade vouchers!

There are three vouchers here does that mean I can use one for 10.2 one for 10.3 and one for 10.4 ?

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Interesting stuff. The iMac with bigger screen is definately cool, but if I had that kind of money I would still rather buy a PowerMac..

2.5 weeks until I can buy a used PM now (if my pay from working during the summer comes in as planned).. Can't wait :) Dunno what I'll do about 10.2 though, since I won't have that money after buying the comp. I guess it's I'll get coupons from the original buyer, but maybe I'll have to "try" it *cough* for a couple of months first. We'll see about that when the time comes.

The new iPod software seems cool, what with the iCal and Address Book intergration and everything. The new bundling seems great too, with the remote and carrying case. Might have to get me one later on.. :D

[edit] Changed 2,5 to 2.5 to avoid confusion for the non-swedes ;)

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something was wrong with my qt6, each time i'dd select mpeg4 on the site, i'dd constantly get .mov formats, even tho i have the most recent version of qt installed :s, and it was telling me if i wanted to upgrade :s odd, ah well, but i did get to hear most of it (audio) n saw the ending part of the switch commercials, and a lil bit of jobs speaking (video), but had to switch to audio since it kept kicking out...

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