Time to get rid of cloutier

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A good goalie does many things none of which cloutier is doing. It shows. It seems like everyone of cloutiers save has to be this big spectacular gig. The only time you have to do that is if your out of position and not-setup properly.

Cloutier has never understood the technical aspect of goaltending. It especially shows on breakaways when he flops like a fish because the player out skated him. He doesn't move around the net right at all and it's so unatural you can even see him looking and thinking about what to do. As a last minute reflex thing he flops and swims and that just puts him more out of position and unable to make the next move or to get up. The defencemen are left scambling. The way it should be is that he should always have balance and not have his legs locked up so he can move and stay in his stance and commanding the crease. When you're balanced its much easier to cover and deflect rebounds because you're actually in control. Often it look effortless because the goalie shouldn't have to move much at all. The defencemen can be left to tie up the man and not worry about anything else. Cloutier entirely relies upon his reflexes and not at all upon technique or skill. Well, his technique is pretty much restricted to 1 save, butterfly. No half-butterflies, no butterfly-slides (imagine pushing sideways with your left leg, dropping your right knee to the ice, the dropping your left, then raising your right and then raising your left to stand up. Excellent move, maintains balance, most goalies use it on breakaways or passes across the net.), and hardly no simple standing saves. He's always thinking about going down and staying down in the one spot. A smart goalie is not only thinking about the immediate save but what to do after the save. The puck usually doesn't dissapear after the initial shot. it's always moving and there's no way you can cover the puck if it hits your pads, stick, or blocker. Not too many players shoot at the chest.

Cloutier has also been notoriously inconsistent. He's too unreliable that way. In the playoffs we need a goalie that can play every game if we hope to make it anywhere. You DO NOT win the cup without excellent goaltending.

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